18 February 2010

Cautiously Buy - Feb 17, 2010

If Dow Jones Industrial Index today, Feb 17, 2010, holds above 10,307 during the last hour of the trading session, we should jump-in. S&P500 should break 1102.72 as well.

Current Global Market Sentiment
Markets seem to be calm with PIGS stuff now. Looks like correction for DJI may not go back to below 10,000 level. S&P500 is also recovering strongly.
Since last week, US economic data that have come out are mainly quite strong - leading to a sustained economic recovery.
Since yesterday, earnings across Asia, Europe and US markets have been very positive and beat the analysts' estimates.

Still need to be cautious
China has raised banks' capital reserve ratio by 0.50% last Friday but markets seemed to recover from the fear of tightening within the same day. Do not buy until the last hour because a lot of things can happen within a regular trading session. My recommendation is still to buy cautiously and selectively. Do your homework first before you buy.

Good luck!


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